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BitcoinX: So, tell us who you are and what your position is at AHOOLEE?

AHOOLEE: My name is Sergei and I’m a CEO of Ahoolee project.

BitcoinX: Tell us –  what is AHOOLEE? What is the main idea behind the project and why did you decide to start it?

AHOOLEE: Ahoolee is the world’s first search engine for products! Ahoolee compares prices in online stores worldwide using a decentralized platform for collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authenticity based on the Blockchain technology. We work in ecommerce since 2007 and we know all minuses here. And Ahoolee is a child of evolution in this case.

BitcoinX: Blockchain technology is expected to alter the landscape and/or create efficiencies in almost every industry. In what ways does your technology address these?

AHOOLEE: First of all blockchain helps us to decrease costs for parsing. Also it’s a registry of all price changes in every shop all other the world.

BitcoinX: When and why did you first decide to do an ICO?

AHOOLEE: As soon as we decided to use blockchain for parsing, we also decided to make an ICO. It was in the beginning of May. We already have VC funds in other project and it’s too long in time and too low in funds. That’s why we decided to make an ICO.

BitcoinX: Tell us about what preparation was required to get the project to this point?

AHOOLEE: We’ve closed $200K presale in 30 minutes on 03 July. Also we’ve started alpha version of the Ahoolee product since the beginning of 2017. You can find it here:

BitcoinX: What makes this project especially exciting for ICO participants? What makes them want to join?

AHOOLEE: If you participate, you can change your AHT tokens to real goods at any shop found at our search engine with discount. This option will be available in 2018.

BitcoinX: Where are you in the actual development phase of the project?

AHOOLEE: alpha version at

BitcoinX: After a successful ICO, what is the timeline for coming to market?

AHOOLEE: 4 quarter 2017 –  1 quarter 2018

  • development of our own blockchain based on the Ethereum code;
  • launching of mining based on the our own blockchain;
  • development of our own wallet;
  • increase in the number of SKUs in the system to 1 billion;
  • increase in the number of stores in the system to 50,000;
  • launching of the Assessor’s area for training matching algorithms;
  • marketing of the Ahoolee product;

BitcoinX: Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?

AHOOLEE: No, this product is good for everyone all over the world.

BitcoinX: For those who have read your whitepaper and other info, is there anything else you want to add to convince them to participate?

AHOOLEE: Hey guys, just participate at our ICO on 28 August 07:00 UTC. And test our product’s alpha version at


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